Is Mono-Skiing Too Dangerous for Paralympics?

Posted: March 12, 2014 by kirisyko in Injuries, Skiing, Winter
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Alana Nichols of USA trains for women’s Sitting Downhill Ski event at the Sochi Paralympics. She would later crash during a run.

A challenging course and less-than-ideal conditions made for some scary alpine runs during the Sochi Olympics. Now, as paralympians find themselves navigating the same courses in even worse conditions, many athletes are watching the remainder of the Games from hospital beds.

“Hey friends, sorry it’s taken me a while to update…I am just fine. I was knocked unconscious and had to have stitches in my chin but feel incredibly blessed to have left the mountain today in the shape I am in. My teammate Stephani Victor-Kuonen is in the room next to me and she is also going to be okay. She’s got a pretty banged up face… Praying for a quick recovery for both of us. Thank you all for the love, prayers and all of the support… It means more than you know,” skier Alana Nichols tweeted Monday.

Even before Saturday, when 11 of the 27 athletes crashed on their mono-skis, mono-skiers (formerly known as sit-skiers) were known for being particularly extreme. After the crashes, some wonder whether the sport is too dangerous for the Paralympics.

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