10 Extreme Sports you should try in South Africa

Posted: March 12, 2014 by kirisyko in Uncategorized

Anna Everywhere

As mentioned in my previous note, South Africa is one of the top destinations for extreme sports. Below I have collected some activities you can enjoy there. I was lucky enough to try some of them.

1. Bungee jumping from Bloukrans BridgeDSCF2141
Bloukrans Bungee is known as the tallest bungee from a bridge – 216 metres. Not only is it taller than the famous New Zealand Nevis Bungee, it’s way cheaper. Situated on the edge of Tsisikama National Park, this bungee cannot be missed. I have to admit though, I’ve never been so scared in my life – you can watch me video here! The worst part for me was the ‘skywalk’ to get to the platform, because its made entirely out of metal.

2. Abseiling from the Table Mountain
Cape Town’s tallest mountain offers abseiling from it. Attached to a regular looking rope you can throw yourself down…

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