Throwing myself into the world of para-skeleton – head first

Posted: March 11, 2014 by kirisyko in Skeleton Luge, Winter


Lizzy Yarnold races to Olympic gold (Picture: Getty Images) Lizzy Yarnold races to Olympic gold (Picture: Getty Images)

Two years have passed since the unbelievable scenes of London 2012 graced our televisions, radios and newsprint, capturing a nation’s attention in a way many didn’t predict.

It is now 2014 and soon we shall close the curtain on the snowy spectacle of sporting success that has unfolded in Sochi.

Before bracing themselves for the downward slope or measuring up that crucial ‘hammer’ shot (I’m not talking about Paralympic DIY, we are all curling experts now), our Winter Paralympic team have been little known figures, very much like their summer counterparts before them.

As the most accomplished Winter Paralympic team ever deployed, their historic performance will, however, surely launch them into consciousness alongside newly-established household names, skeleton’s Lizzy Yarnold, snowboard slopestyle’s Jenny Jones and curling skipper Dave Murdoch, to name a few.

This interesting process of ‘unknown to known’ is something…

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