Red Bull Takes Ice Skating To Extreme

Posted: March 11, 2014 by kirisyko in Skating, SykOtic, Winter

The Action Update

Most of the country has been bombarded with cold weather this winter, leaving piles of snow, massive potholes and conditions forcing us to stay indoors. With warm weather quickly approaching, we’ll be able to get outside and once again enjoy the activities we love – like inline skating, for one.

RedBull_FreezeBut who said you can’t enjoy inline skating in the frigid snowy weather – well, sort of? Once again the people at Red Bull have found another way to mash together several different sports and take it to the extreme, adding their own stamp of “gives you wings” to the activity. Let us introduce to you Red Bull Freeze 2014 and while it might be new to you, it’s actually not the first time it’s been done.

Red Bull Freeze is the closest thing to inline skating in the cold weather, but instead of wheels, athletes put on some ice…

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