Salewa Rockshow 2014 returns!

Posted: March 7, 2014 by kirisyko in Bouldering, Climbing, Rock Climbing
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Salewa Rockshow 2014

Salewa Rockshow 2014
Photo by Salewa

The Salewa Rockshow 2014 starts at the end of March. The climbing tour, open to all, takes part in 8 different countries and culminates in mid July with an international bouldering camp at Fontainebleau in France.

Here we go again. For the sixth year running the Salewa Rockshow is about to kick off, the very particular mix between a bouldering meeting and competition that, this year, is comprised of 18 callings in 8 countries: Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, South Korea and Switzerland.

Compared to past editions the event formula boasts three novelties. The first: this year there’s bouldering only, no climbing with a rope therefore. Which explains why the final act, the meeting with the best climbers of each stage, will be held in the cradle of bouldering, ie Fontainebleau in France. And what about the other two novelties? We’ll reveal those soon enough. But let’s do first things first.

So, to reach the gates of Paris you first need to pass through the gates of the climbing wall closest to home that will host the RockShow. There are 18 of these in total, listed below, and the first meetings (called Rock Calling) are open to everyone. What counts as usual is having fun with friends and obviously climbing to the max. Yes, because at each stage a panel of judges will select the best under-16 climbers (who will receive a prize) and the best over-16 climbers who then progress on to the next round.

This is where the second novelty lies: the Online Voting. Yes, in this era of social networks friends and family certainly couldn’t go amiss and so, once the Rock Calling stage is over at the end of May, via Facebook salewa.rockshow and the official event you’ll be able to cast your vote. So who will go boudlering at Fontainebleau for three days in mid-June? Obviously the climbers, male and female, of each country that receive the most Likes! That’s the power of the internet for you…

Other novelties worth knowing about before the callings? The third one: apart from climbing, you’re all invited to share your Rock Calling experience by publishing your texts and photos online. The best “Rock Show Reporter” from each country will be selected by the jury and tag along to Fontainebleau. So not just the strongest climbers will get to grips with the boulder problems in the magic forest, but also those who manage to express their artistic talent. Which means, instead of being able to crimp a tiny edge of smooth sloper, what counts here is being able to put pen to paper and press the shutter at just the right moment. Anything else? Yes, you need to register in advance on the event website

03/22/2014 Sondrio Italy
04/03/2014 St. Gallen Switzerland
04/05/2014 Borgo San Dalmazzo Italy
04/12/2014 Ville la Grand France
04/12/2014 Saalfelden Austria
04/26/2014 Trento Italy (on 05/03/2014 in case of bad weather)
04/26/2014 Chamonix France
04/26/2014 Munich, Thalkirchen Germany
04/26/2014 Seoul South Korea
05/10/2014 Saxon Switzerland
05/16/2014 Vienna Austria
05/17/2014 Rome Italy
05/17/2014 Prague Czech Republic
05/18/2014 Paris France
05/31/2014 Verres Italy
05/31/2014 Busan South Korea
03/29/2014 Bratislava Slovakia

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