Mapdec – Squaredec Map Board

Posted: March 7, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic

Cool idea!

The Gear Nuts

Adventure racers are a very innovative group of athletes. I can’t tell you all the countless times we’ve had to engineer, modify or create a piece of gear at the starting line or on the race course. Also, since orienteering and adventure racing are not considered mainstream sports here in the states we are often left without any suitable choices for AR gear. This is where the engineer in all of us comes forward.

It’s funny because we always see another team’s design and think, “Hey, we could recreate that.” I hate to say it, but seldom does it ever turn out like you had anticipated. It’s a little  like those Pinterest “fails” you see everywhere. You put all you have into it but it just doesn’t turn out right.

The Mixed Nuts Adventure Racing Team had created their own map board and it was surprisingly lightweight and functional. But all…

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  1. We’ll be using the Squaredec at our upcoming 15 hour Regional Qualifying Adventure Race, The Breakdown. Thanks for the love.

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