X-Training for the MDS

Posted: March 5, 2014 by kirisyko in SykOtic, Ultra distance running

Go Run

A lot of time is spent discussing training for the Marathon Des Sables, ultras and running in general focuses on running mileage. Obviously mileage and the increasing of it is a crucial factor as any runner needs a broad base of aerobic fitness and stamina. I do think it is possible to get blinkered on increasing the mileage during training in the hope of improving performance however, which can lead to neglecting other areas such as core fitness, flexibility and conditioning – all of which become more important as you do more miles as the most important thing above all of this is to stay injury free. In an effort to stay injury free and hopefully improve my overall performance I have increased my cross training with a bit more of a rounded approach. I’m still running a lot but I’ve also added:

Sports Massages

I have had sports massages now and…

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