Top tree climbers battle this weekend

Posted: March 5, 2014 by kirisyko in Climbing
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Tree Climber

LOOK UP: Competitive climbers like Tumai Laybourn, will be in action during a tree climbing competition at Western Park this Saturday.

 If you are wondering why there are people in trees in Western Park this weekend, it is all in the name of sport.

The Freemans Bay park will host this year’s Auckland/Northland Regional Tree Climbing Competition on Saturday.

Competitors are tested on their ability to professionally and safely manoeuvre in a tree while performing simulated tree-care tasks in a timely manner.

Those with the highest total score from five events will qualify for the National Tree Climbing Championship in Rotorua.

The national champions then qualify for the International Tree Climbing Competition held in the United States.

Current world tree climbing champions Nicky Ward-Allen and Scott Forrest will both make an appearance at the event.

Organiser Craig Webb says Western Park is a spectacular setting for the competition.

“If you have never seen one of these events before they’re well worth checking out – the skill level is incredible and you might catch a world champion in action,” he says.

“We’re very lucky to have such a big talent pool in New Zealand and our climbers are consistently among the top in the world.”

The event kicks off at 8am and is free.

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