Deep Water Cay Pushes On To New Dive Sites

Posted: March 4, 2014 by kirisyko in Adventure Travel, Scuba diving, Water
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Deep Water Cay is branching out to some of the lesser known dive sites in Grand Bahama.

#Not one to venture into things lightly, the marketing experts of DWC have gone head first into their newest attraction and have launched an aggressive campaign to promote their diving division.

#Last weekend, both ScubaNation, a syndicated Florida-based show and nationally syndicated Scuba Radio, spent time conducting interviews and filming on the cay with the island’s local expert, Philip Russell, and management and staff.

#“Deep Water Cay has some of the best diving I have ever seen,” said Mike Zimmer, chief operating officer of ScubaNation.

#“With close access to the resort, you can be diving some of the best reefs in the Bahamas in minutes.”

#ScubaNation is hosted by a dynamic duo who have made a passion for diving a full time career, and describe their show ScubaNation as Jacques Cousteau on ‘Rock-N-Roll’.

#“The cavernous features here are mind blowing! I’ve died and gone to diver heaven,” said Mike ‘Mitch’ Horn, Co-Host, ScubaNation “One Nation, Underwater.”

#The ScubaNation hosts spent three days on the islands exploring several dive sites and even helping to name a few new spots. Joining them was Greg Holt, of Scuba Radio, also known as ‘Greg The Dive Master’ a 17-year veteran of the show. Scuba Radio is the world’s first and only radio show devoted to diving. Holt taped his weekly show live at the resort which was then broadcast to his estimated 5,000,000 listeners via 35 news/sports talk radio stations in the US.

#“It’s easy to overlook this gem of gin clear water in the Bahamas. The diving is on scale with the best of the Caribbean and topside views and attractions make most other resorts feel like a simple motel. Spoiled diving at its best.”

#Deep Water Cay sits on the east end of Grand Bahama and is a small private island resort which has recently undergone additional renovations to make it even more amenable and inviting. Over the past few years, the well-known bone-fishing resort has added additional amenities to make it more family friendly, giving guests a chance to learn how to dive or to dive some of the best kept secret spots in the Bahamas.

#“You can explore undiscovered reefs, swim with schools of stingrays, and enjoy some of the best diving amenities found anywhere,” stated Billy Catoggio, President and Founder ScubaNation “One Nation, Underwater”.

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