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Adventure racing is a unique racing concept that will push you beyond limits that you never thought possible. These multi-discipline endurance sport races will show you that all you need is a strong stubborn streak coupled with a high pain threshold and then anything is possible.


Godzone Adventure Race, New Zealand
7-15 March 2014


This multi stage race is set against the backdrop of some of New Zealand’s most breathtaking scenery. Competitors will not only haul up some of the South Island’s highest peaks, they will also experience the delights that the dramatic coastline has to offer.

The fastest teams will complete this race in approximately four days taking on only one to two hours sleep in total while the back of the field will have up to seven days to finish the course which will cover a total distance of 500km.

Teams will be expected to navigate, trek, mountain bike, kayak and canoe over an array of challenging landscapes with long sections through the night and often in adverse weather conditions.
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Expedition Africa, South Africa
23 May 2014

expedition africa

Promising to take you to treacherous, dangerous and hostile environments, Expedition Africa should appear on every aspiring adventure racer’s bucket list. Last year, the race was set in the Zulu region and even the most experienced racers in the field admitted that it offered some of the longest and gruelling sections they had ever encountered.

Be prepared to get very lost, sleep in some pretty risky surroundings and feel thankful that you come home alive after this one. With the 2014 race due to take place on South Africa’s Wild Coast, organisers have told competitors to prepare for long sections with few transitions due to the remoteness of the region. Looks set to be a fun one!
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Otillo, Sweden
1 September 2014


Otillo translated into English means “island to island” which is exactly what this race entails, pretty much. Except for the fact you’re probably thinking a ferry will take you from island to island. Which is where you’d be wrong.

This insanely gruelling race requires athletes to swim from island to island and then run across each one – in your swim gear. And due to the fact it is held in Sweden, wetsuits are pretty essential.

All in all you have to cover a total of 46.2 miles across a total of 24 islands. The race is limited to 120 teams of two and is so popular that a combination of a lottery and qualifying events are used to ensure the right balance of ironman triathletes, multisport stars, elite military teams, endurance junkies and nut cases turn out at the start line.
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Raid Gaspesie International, Canada
12-14 September 2014


You know when race organiser tell you to reduce you compulsory equipment to a minimum that you are in for an interesting time. This three day, 300km race can be completed in teams of two or four and will take you across the area of Carleton-sur-Mer near the Quebec region of Canada.

Organisers assure a fun event offering kayak, running, trekking, mountain bike and rope sections along the course. They have also thrown in a number of surprises and a number of adventure swimming sections that will take you through marshes, lakes and rivers.
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AR World Championships, Ecuador
7-19 November 2014

AR worlds

The Adventure Racing World Champs are no walk in the park. In fact not many can even conceive the idea of racing for between five and eight days on the trot. And no, before you ask, there is no cosy bed to go home to at the end of every day. Instead you will steal the odd 40 minute kip in a ditch on the side of a road, all the while hoping you are not going to get bitten by one of the plethora of poisonous snakes the race organisers warned you about.

But it is all in the spirit of adventure racing and of course good fun. You and three fellow teammates will kayak, mountain bike, trek, run and take on some breathtaking rope sections along the Amazon, The Andes and the Pacific Coast. While this might sound totally bonkers, it offers escapism at its very best, quite literally the adventure of a lifetime.
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