Ride the wake on the lake

Posted: June 20, 2013 by kirisyko in Wake Boarding, Water
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A new wakeboarding park in Abbotsford opening this weekend on Albert Dyck Park lake is looking to make a big splash.

Stu McKeown, head of the new Valley Wake Park, said boarders will be pulled across the water and over jumps and ramps by an overhead cable travelling at 34 km/h rather than by a boat.

“The system is very similar to a T-bar on a ski hill but people use the tension of the cable to get air,” said McK-eown.

Wakeboarding cable parks are increasingly popular, particularly in the U.S., because the costs and difficulties of organizing a boat and crew are eliminated, he said.

“This definitely brings the sport to the masses; you just need a day pass and you’re good to go,” said McKeown.

The wakeboard operation is sharing the lake with the other existing long-term tenant, the Fraser Valley Water Ski Club, which originally opposed the venture.

However, McKeown said a time-sharing agreement has been worked out and the cable park’s original proposal was scaled down somewhat to allow both sports to operate on the lake simultaneously.

The city will earn five per cent of Valley Wake’s gross revenue over the next five years, and the company absorbed the costs of paving the parking lot at the park.

Wakeboard riders will pay $25 an hour, and the operation also can also rent out necessary equipment for $13, or provide beginners with lessons.

McKeown said there’s lots of interest and activity on Valley Wake’s social media sites.

“We’re very excited . . . and we’re looking forward to people coming out and enjoying the lake,” he said.

For more information visit http: //www.valleywakepark. com/

Read more: http://www.abbotsfordtimes.com/sports/Ride+wake+lake/8551921/story.html#ixzz2WlBEUWdb


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