Lake District Winter Climbing Conditions – Blog

Posted: February 10, 2013 by sykose in Abseiling, Climbing, Rock Climbing

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Dave and Rich head into Link Cove whilst Kev and Kasia head up to Great End.

Link Cove

It was always going to be risky on a 4 degree C forecast, but as ever with a bit of effort and a willingness to walk away results in a great day out. We headed over to Patterdale to have a look at Scrubby Crag which we thought would be high enough to provide some sport, a steady drizzle and no drop in temperature meant a wet walk in.

Looking over to Link Cove Icefallsthey looked very black and running and Black Crag looked, well black.  Greenhow End looked more promising so up we trogged into steadily deeper but soft snow. On closer inspection of Step Gully the ice was formed and the route looked complete but there was a sizable gap between the ice and the rock: too risky for us!…

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