Instagram aims to collect new users with addition of web badges

Posted: November 21, 2012 by sykose in Extreme news
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these guys are awesome, and what a great app they have developed.


Instagram (s fb) launched new web badges on Wednesday, allowing users to embed the Instagram logo linking to their accounts on blogs, websites and branding campaigns. While the move seems small — it’s just a tiny badge, after all — the addition marks a continuation of Instagram’s move toward the desktop web and acquisition of new users.

Just this month, the company made Instagram profiles available on the web, making the service look far more like its new parent company Facebook and giving it far more visibility with non-users. Instagram initially launched as an exclusive mobile app, with photos only available to other Instagram users. But with the ability to cross-post photos to Twitter and Facebook, and the company increasing its web presence with Android apps and web profiles, it’s becoming much harder to miss the photos if you’re casually browsing the web.

The company explained how badges will…

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