WADA wants to double drug suspensions

Posted: November 19, 2012 by sykose in Extreme news
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After Australia recently got tough on performance-enhancing drugs, the World Anti-Doping Agency is looking to follow suit by aiming to double suspensions for those caught cheating from two years to four years.

WADA President John Fahey submitted a draft of the organization’s new code on Sunday, which will be reviewed in December and, if approved, could go into effect as early as 2015. The proposal calls for stiffer penalties regarding anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, masking agents, and trafficking.

“It is clear from the number of submissions we received that there is a strong desire in the world of sport, from governments and within the anti-doping community, to strengthen the sanction,” Fahey said in a statement. “This second draft has done that, doubling the length of suspension for serious offenders and widening the scope for anti-doping organizations to impose lifetime bans.”

Australia showed its teeth against doping last week when…

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  1. The Landy says:

    I neither condone, nor condemn drugs in sport. However, the question that never seems to be posed is what responsibility is borne by the multi-national companies that throw billions of dollars a year at sport. They aren’t paying for mediocre performances from athletes, they want records, they want faster, stronger.

    Sure it is the athlete that breaches the code…but that is a over simplification of a more sinister problem!

    • Jonoshmono says:

      Hey Landy,

      I have not thought of it that way but i am total agreement…

      • sykose says:

        howdy Jono,

        Completely agree with Landy point of view. As an ex mountain biker on the circuit, i am appalled at how naive i was to think training 5 to 6 hours a day was going to make me win.

        I completely understand the pressure lance and all performance athletes are under. It just all becomes too much for the body. Open the sport up to drugs, rather have it regulated.

        We are all living a dream thinking lance concocted this scheme, he isnt bright enough to have done this on his own .

        The downside to all of this is, the riders are doing what they have to produce the results, and creating a terrible image for my kids who i would love to ride one day.

        Oh well c’est la vie, let s concentrate on getting sykose site up and running and bring the extreme community together “Ad free”.

  2. The Landy says:

    You know here is a case in point. A few years back it was legal for swimmers to use the full body suits that increased performances dramatically. They weren’t available to all, and the cost was prohibitive.

    Many records were broken by athletes’ wearing these suits, and the times were out of this world. The suits are now banned, the records stand, and to get those times back will be very difficult.

    What is the temptation to use other ways, such as drugs, to get back to these times – the pressure from sponsors, both at the athlete level, and the broader sporting community will be great.

    And the term “drug cheat” is thrown around, but with little understanding by the average man in the street about what was involved.

    And less face it, there is no magic in a bottle, they simply help recovery from training. The hard work needs to be done still.

    Prohibition has never worked in anything, and that isn’t to say we should not have rules, but let’s start sharing the blame for drugs in sport beyond the athlete…

    As a footnote: I see people condemning these sporting athletes’ while they fill there bodies full of alcohol as though they are an expert…Athlete’s using drugs generally have a very good understanding of what they are doing, and do it in a controlled fashion. Makes you wonder!

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